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Self Cleaning Cat Steamy Brush

Self Cleaning Cat Steamy Brush

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Let your pet love brushing from this brush!

"No more dreadful cat baths that leave your hands scratched. No more loose hairs on my couch or clothes. My cat is now always well- groomed and no longer vomit hairballs. 😻 "

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Why Steamy Brush? Gone are the days of wrestling with traditional brushes and battling the static that sends fur flying everywhere. The Steamy Brush harnesses the power of gentle steam to effortlessly detangle and de-shed your cat's fur, leaving them feeling pampered and looking purr-fectly groomed.


  • Nano Mist Spray Technology: This brush utilizes advanced nano mist spray technology to gently remove dirt and hair, ensuring your cat stays comfortable, healthy, and well-groomed. The cat brush with water Tank can not only add water, but also add detergent or softener for combing.

  • Friendly Design, Protect Pet Skin: Our Brush head uses spiral design , soft and durable, it doesn't have too sharp needles and will not scratch your pet's skin when used.

  • One-button Design, Easy to Clean: The Cat Brush with release Button makes it very simple to remove all dead hair and dust.
  • Avoid Static Electricity: The brush is equipped with a spray design that can gently spray water mist when combing hair, making the pet's hair slightly moist, which can better soften and remove hair, especially in autumn and winter, to prevent static electricity.

  • Improves Cat Health and Comfort: The Steamy Cat Brush enhances your cat's well-being by promoting blood circulation, maintaining healthy skin and hair, and minimizing the ingestion of loose hairs that lead to hairball vomiting.

  • Suitable for All Hair Types: Our Self Cleaning Brush is specially developed for cats and dogs, suitable for short and long hair, and removes hair reliably and safely.

How to use:

1. Add warm water and no-wash essential oil (optional)

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2. Turn on the switch

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3. Comb and massage comfort

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  • Material: ABS Plastic+Silicone
  • Color: Green, Yellow
  • Brush Size: 12.5*7.7*6cm(5*3*2.4inch)
  • Charging method: USB charging
  • Applicable: Long-Haired/Short-Haired Cats And Dogs
  • Package included: 1* Self Cleaning Cat Steamy Brush


Does the brush use batteries?
No, it uses a USB port for charging, which is very convenient.

What liquid can I add in the steamy brush?
You can add pet leave-in serum and pet coat conditioner. Or some drops for pet skin problems.

Will it have a high steam temperature?
No, the temperature is set to a safe value and will not cause burns to the skin of humans or pets, so please feel free to use it.


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