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Lifevac Emergency Anti Choking Device for Adults & Children

Lifevac Emergency Anti Choking Device for Adults & Children

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Ensure Safety at Home with Our Lifesaving Choking Emergency Device

Protect Your Loved Ones: Accidents happen, especially with children who are prone to choking. Don't take chances – equip your home with our Professional Choking Emergency Device.

Swift Action Saves Lives: In choking emergencies, every second counts. Our device ensures rapid response, providing the critical aid needed to save lives within moments.

Versatile and Reliable: Designed for both adults and children, our device comes with two sizes of masks to ensure a perfect fit for everyone in your family.

Premium Quality, Lasting Assurance: Crafted from high-quality materials, our device guarantees durability and reliability, standing ready for use even after prolonged periods.

Expertly Engineered for Maximum Efficacy: With its professional and scientifically crafted structure, our device ensures optimal ventilation without any air leakage, offering the best chance for successful resuscitation.

Convenient and Ready for Any Situation: Each set includes a pump, children's mask, adult mask, and a travel bag for easy storage and accessibility during emergencies.

Product Details:

  • Material: ABS+PP
  • Sizes: Mask: Small (children) 10x8x7cm, Large (adult) 13x10.5x8cm
  • Package Contents: 3PCS (1Pump, 1Children Mask, 1Adult Mask) plus 1Travel Bag

Don't wait for an emergency to strike – be prepared with our Professional Choking Rescue Emergency Device, your ultimate safeguard for peace of mind at home.


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